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How good squeeze the juice? Secret way to use juicer

1, the position of the display can not be tilted juicer, and not have to put strong loosening, the best location is not good change.
2, before use of props and reflect juicer filter is installed firm, after confirming the cup before mounting and strong confirmation
3, food and perhaps fruit juice before, it should be cut to fit the size of the block entrance juicer and then into the juicer.
4, plug in the power before juicing, and to ensure access real.
5, start the machine, confirm the motor is operating normally.
6, will promote food cup body maintain uniform advance, to avoid too much too fast move to avoid the risk of attack.
7, food after treatment is completed unplug the power supply, and then dispose of good food disposal.
8, each component carefully clean the juice inside and outside, but avoid water from entering the motor.
9, juicer ventilated place away from direct sunlight to dry completely.
Juicer Caution:
When using a juicer must be strictly in accordance with the usage rules juicer to operate, do not use the process of advancing the food items included in the machine, such as a stick, avoid finger in the process of rotation of the motor of the machine do not open cover.
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