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How to make dough for your favorite?

First, the cold dough
Flour dough is cold water below 30 ℃ to participate in water modulation dough. Featuring tight structure strong toughness, dough color white, shiny, strong and tasty products. Punishable with boiled dominant species, such as noodles, dumplings, ravioli. Water 500g flour between 200 and 300g, winter wheat flour with high water content, watered less; winter is relatively dry, watered more. Dumpling dough with flour to water ratio criterion is 2: 1.
Second, warm dough
Dough is applied warm water 50 ℃ to 60 ℃ and flour prepared from dough. Features having a certain toughness and viscous, rich plasticity, article of manufacture is not easy to aliasing, color white dough dim, slightly glossy, Ruannuo products. Suitable pattern steamed homemade cakes, pancakes, pies, dumplings and so on.
When warm water and face sticky dough, pasta division in a small amount of dough, half of the usual flour with hot water, and half of the flour with cold water, then rub together, such as Xu and surface faster, no more than the amount of home-made small, but very cumbersome as promised.
Third, the hot dough
Hot dough is beyond 65 ℃ water and flour dough mixed modulation, commonly 85 到 100 ℃ water. Featuring Ruannuo, poor toughness, plasticity, easy to digest. Dough color dark, dull, waxy mouthfeel products. Suitable do steamed dumplings, fried dumpling, fajitas and the like.
High temperature hot water used in the dough, and can not be directly manipulated by hand surface, ordinary flour is to be placed on the panel or into the basin, while the water, while stirring with a rolling pin stop, stir until thoroughly hot water to a add a little water so that the flour particles average.
After hot flour to spread, distribute heat, sprinkle with cold water behind a large number of rows dough. Hot dough inappropriate long time táng surface.
Fourth, pure egg dough
Beat the eggs in a bowl, stir, pour in the flour into the dough or the egg whites and yolks until foamy then add discern together, add the flour to make food. Such as sponge cake, cakes trough, oil cake and other food. Food of this approach, it took by fermentation, but special tender, they are rich in nutritional value. The elderly, children, patients do not eat hard to digest that.
Five oil dough egg
Stir the eggs into the bowl, then pour in the oil while the flour, stir well, and into the dough, egg 80%, oil accounted for 20%. Suitable for the manufacture of branded food fried crisp whichever song, such as chrysanthemum cakes and the like.
Six water egg dough
The use of cold water mixed with egg, egg and water ratio of 50/50, processing snack foods category, in the face of some needs and add a certain amount of progress in food sweetness of sugar, but the sugar rub average, good rub after parked for some time, so all the sugar melts, can make food appearance. Some others do not need sugar Fureai light rubbing can use, such as Iraq pay noodles.
Eggs and noodles can be produced steamed, boiled, grilled, baked, fried various types of food, it uses the universal scale, with loose, soft, Xuan, cakes, and other characteristics, and food processing out of the long-time storage without transformation.
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